About Us

We are a business-consulting firm based in Colombo, Sri Lanka that provides innovative solutions to all your business needs. Our team comprise of MBA graduates from world's leading universities and CA/FCMA/ACMA/CGMA members with more than 15 years experience in Banking, Finance, Marketing, International Business and Management.

Message from the CEO

Samantha Weerasinghe,
Director / CEO
(MBA(Sri J), ACMA, CGMA, CBA, B'Com.(Hons.))

We will provide innovative solutions to all your financial, investment, banking, marketing, international and management problems that you come across in the current turbulent global business environment. We also provide business process re-engineering services in order to maximize your organization's internal strengths while overcoming your internal weaknesses in order to fundamentally rethink on how you can manage the business operations to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors.